How do suggested accessibility fixes work?

If axe Linter finds a problem it knows how to fix, it will leave a suggestion in the pull request. Users can either accept the suggested changes one at a time, or as a batch. See applying suggested changes in the GitHub documentation.

Available fixes

Suggested accessibility fixes is a powerful new feature unique to axe Linter. There are fixes available for the following types of isssues:

  • Typos and spelling errors
  • Commonly mistakes in using ARIA attributes
  • Remove of attributes or attribute values known to cause accessibility issues

Axe Linter is currently capable of suggesting fixes for JSX only. Fixes for more languages, and for different types of issues will be added in future releases.

Please review

There are often multiple ways to resolve an accessibility problem. Axe Linter provides only one suggest suggestion. Before accepting a suggested fix, we recommend reviewing the solution to make sure it indeed is the preferred solution used in your particular code base.

Axe Linter currently does not apply Prettier, or any other code formatting tool. If code formatting tools are used in a repository, you may have to run it after applying axe Linter suggested accessibility fixes.